Coronavirus has taught us that work/life balance is more important than ever…

At Recruit 12, we have spent the past few months looking at how we can make our processes smarter, more efficient, and more effective for both our clients and our candidates. And, we believe, that with our new and unique approach to recruiting, we have achieved this. But a large part of our success is down to the Recruit 12 team and so, as the final piece of the puzzle, we have now taken steps to engineer a working environment that reflects their mature approach to their work and the need to have a healthy work-life balance.

As of the 1st of July, we will become a remote workforce. Our success has been centered around ‘you talk, we listen’ and this is never more important than when it comes to our team. Coronavirus forced us, like many of you, to adapt to a new way of working and we have been impressed and surprised at how successful it has been. Now, our team has the freedom to choose where they work so that they can build their professional lives around their personal commitments. Our office will still be our base for team meetings and training, but it is also there to offer a work base for those who prefer to separate work life and home life. From here on in, it is all about choice.

Company culture is extremely important as a happy workforce, is a successful workforce. Being able to have a balanced life with the flexibility to choose where and how you work is important. The maturity and professionalism of the Recruit 12 team and their passion for our business is the glue that holds us all together.

As businesses come back online and companies start to put all the pieces back into place, we are more empowered, equipped, and prepared to find our clients the best candidates to drive their businesses forward. Being a remote workforce simply means that we are more able and capable of servicing a wider client base than ever before but with all of the experience and knowledge that has been the building block of our success.

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