Is failed recruitment costing you £1000s?

Not everything always works out the way we expect it to and when it comes to recruiting, we’d love to tell you there is such a thing as a sure bet, but there isn’t. Even with all the processes in place to ensure every hire is the best fit for your business, it is a fact that a certain percentage of new employees will leave.

What are the statistics in regards to failed recruitment?

·       SME’s are estimated to be losing 14% of their staff each year.

·       39% of new employees leave within six months

·       14% of HR heads expect new hires to leave within just 30 days.

·       All of which could be costing businesses on average, £125, 347 a year.

What is the solution?

Recruiting fees are an essential part of the recruitment process, but are often the reason employers hold back on recruiting essential staff. Paying that fee in one lump sum can, for many businesses, be a risk that they do not want to take. And rightly so.

So now imagine that you could obtain your new hires on a ‘pay as you go’ basis? That would be perfect! You get exactly what you pay for. And that is what businesses need – paying for services they receive, not taking a risk that they will get what they pay for.

How can Recruit12 help?

We understand the risks associated with recruitment and we want to share that risk with you. We are very confident in the service we offer and our ability to match the right candidate to the right role, but are also aware that sometimes recruitment fails.

Our unique offering allows employers to spread the cost of their recruitment fees over 12 months. If your candidate leaves within that 12 month period, you simply stop paying.

Why do we offer such a scheme? We listened to what our clients want and we understand the financial implications recruiting can have on businesses. It is easier for many companies to spread the cost over a year rather than pay in one instalment and there is the added bonus that the risk of failed recruitment is reduced to the point where you are only paying for what you get.

Our team of specialist recruiters are on hand to offer help and advice and tell you more about how Recruit12 can share the risk of recruitment with you.

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