Is the Fuel Crisis Fanning the Flames for the Need to go Electric?

It feels like we’ve lurched from one crisis to another in the past few years. The pandemic is the only one that really was a crisis, the rest including the loo roll and pasta ‘crises were manufactured by the media with what can only be considered less than responsible reporting. But what has been the impact of the recent madness at the pumps on electric vehicle sales and as a nation, is our mind set shifting more towards EVs?


Where are with the fuel situation?

The current fuel ‘shortage’ situation began last week after the Road Haulage Association allegedly leaked comments from BP bosses about supply concerns.  The HGV driver shortage is not new information; we have been hearing about it for months and seeing the impact on supermarket shelves. It hasn’t had a major impact on our lives because it is not being hyped up in the media so the most inconvenience we have suffered is that we can’t pick up the odd item during the weekly shop.


With the fuel situation, it was completely different. This was leaked as a fuel shortage and drove people to the pumps in a panic; pretty much in the same way we saw loo roll gate play out in the supermarkets in 2020. What it really outlined is how much we all depend on our cars every day and the importance they play in our lives. It also highlighted how far we still need to go to meet Government targets on the ban of the sale of ICE vehicles in 2030.


Has there been a direct correlation between the fuel crisis and Electric Vehicle sales?

It’s probably too early to tell, but Google search data showed a 1,600% surge in EV on Monday this week. Meanwhile, Auto Trader logged a 61% increase in interest for electric cars and Carwow saw a 59% uplift. That is quite a leap and shows that EVs are definitely on our minds. The fuel crisis has shown us how owning an electric vehicle could have more benefits outside of climate change. It is interesting that when things affect us directly, we are more proactive in taking action.


EVA England, a non-profit representing new and prospective EV drivers, reports a rise in electric car inquiries and in interest at EV dealers, particularly in the last week and the owner of Cleevely Electric Vehicles in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, which specialises in used EVs, had a surge of inquiries over the weekend and on Monday morning from customers citing the fuel crisis as a reason for switching to electric.


So, in answer to the question, Is the Fuel Crisis Fanning the Flames for the Need to go Electric? The answer is yes. The fuel crisis has had an impact on EVs, but what the true results of this are, remain to be seen.

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