Recruit 12 MD, Matthew Jones, talks about the honesty of recruitment – it’s all just about maths!

Unfortunately, the recruitment industry has often been on the receiving end of a poor reputation for honesty. Jobs that appear online that don’t exist, clients that are promised the world from consultants that don’t deliver and underhand tactics that are not in the client or the candidate’s best interests, all in the name of chasing the fee.

This is the feedback I receive regularly from both clients and candidates about their past recruiting experiences, and it bothers me. I often hear people refer to recruiting as a ‘game’; it is anything but a game for the client and candidate. It is people’s businesses and livelihoods. The recruiter is the portal through which marrying the best client and job to the best candidate occurs. Our needs are not part of the equation, but the solution to the problem. In essence, it’s just maths. If you do your job honestly, openly and ethically, a+b will = c. The client (a) will want the candidate (b) which will equal the success of the recruiter (c).

I often think and talk about the pillars that I have built Recruit12 around; honesty, openness, communication and ethics. We never advertise a job that doesn’t exist. We always communicate with our candidates and clients from start to finish and we never promise what we can’t deliver. Don’t get me wrong, the needs of our business are important. We too have people with mortgages, families and responsibilities to consider, but when it comes to our job, it is always the client and the candidate who are our top consideration and priority.

Standing by the pillars of our foundation and putting our clients and candidates as the only priority in the equation is what has made Recruit12 the success story it is today. Some people might believe that honesty doesn’t pay, but believe me it does. If we know we can’t help a client, we’re honest about it. If we know we can’t help a candidate, we’re honest about it. It might mean that sometimes we lose out on an opportunity, but was it ever an opportunity, to begin with, if we were never going to be able to meet its needs?

Honesty always pays and with recruiting, it just all comes back to the maths; the client + the candidate as the top priority will always = the success of the recruiter.

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