Climate change is the single biggest issue driving UK industry in the 21st Century. As we work hard to reach our zero emission targets, businesses, both new and old, are championing the changes we need to make to reduce our carbon emissions.

Recruit 12 understands the vital importance of reducing the UK’s carbon emissions as we embrace climate change adaptation as a new and permanent way of living. Not only is renewable energy a vital factor in climate change adaption, but it is also sustainable which means it can help match the demand the 21st Century world has put on energy sources.

Recruit 12 has worked with both global and niche organisations in the Renewable and Clean Energy sector, supplying technical candidates with the essential ‘green skills’ and experience they need for their businesses to succeed.

We know that candidates looking to work in the Renewable and Clean Energy sector need to demonstrate more than just technical skills. They need to have a natural aptitude for understanding changing technologies along with an active interest in green energy. Climate change and renewable energy sparks a passion in those who enter it to make a real difference in the future of energy and sustainability.

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