We are hiring and we want you to join our team!

Recruit 12 has recently gone through a transitional period, changing our processes to deliver an unprecedented service level to our clients. The success this has brought to our business means that we are now on an upward trajectory and need to evolve our services and client portfolio, beyond our original sectors and locations.

Recruit 12 is a very passionate and progressive recruitment organisation. We have found our footings within the manufacturing and engineering sectors and have built a strong reputation for our experienced and professional approach to recruitment. Although these are unprecedented and difficult times for everyone, there are opportunities within our sector for a passionate, experienced recruiter to join us on our journey with the ability to:

  • Reduce your clients time to hire by 50%

  • Increase your candidate engagement by 450%

  • Exceed a 70% interview to hire ratio

  • Create your own “consultant brand” developing and managing exciting blue-chip accounts

  • Generate opportunities and support organisations that you can truly add value to

7 Great reasons to join us on this journey 

  1.  You will offer something different. Seriously.

  2. We are a small but very well-established business placing high emphasis on quality and delivering exceptional service.

  3. We take responsibility; recruiting is one of the most difficult tasks for both clients and candidates, but with empathy and a great, unique recruitment process, we take the pain away.

  4. You will nurture long term relationships with both candidates and clients.

  5. Engineering industries are at the forefront of the UK economy, with a huge part to play in the UK’s economic resurgence post-COVID-19. Now more than ever times are fast-paced and constantly changing. With our training and development, you will learn a lot and become an expert within your field.

  6. You’ll be supported and trusted, by a brand and colleagues who align their values with the organisations to the core. As evident in our working from anywhere policy – so you literally can work from anywhere, Monday to Friday!

  7. Development and growth are encouraged. We want you to take this as an opportunity for you and take this point as our promise to you that we will offer you all the support you need to excel as a recruitment professional

Have a high Emotional Intelligence?

You will definitely need one!

You will be:

  • Socially aware, can conduct self-management, and excel at relationship management

  • Someone with a high EQ, not afraid to learn about other perspectives, seeing the best in others, and unafraid of challenges or change.

  • Empathetic; a crucial skill in recruitment. I am looking for someone who focuses externally rather than being self-absorbed. You need the ability to look at the world from a bigger perspective and walk a mile in another person’s shoes.

You will also be a communication master

Have a balanced and positive attitude

Be self-motivated and striving for improvement

Be a plate spinner and never shy away from a challenge – including video!

If you believe you are the person for Recruit 12, then please call or contact MD, Matthew Jones and tell him why he should meet you immediately! Competitive salary package for the right candidate.

Hurry – we want to appoint somebody no later than August 2020!

Email: matthewj@recruit12.com

Tel: 01527 834 612

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